Who is the most successful sporting Franchise in History?


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Who is the most succesful franchise of all major sports?

1. Yankees (27 WS titles and 40 pennants)
2. Lakers( 15 championships 30 finals appearances)
3. Celtics (17 championships 20 finals appearances)
4. Canadiens (24 Stanley Cups and 26 conference championships)

I couldn't really decide to include for the NFL, I guess you can make an argument between the Packers or the Steelers.



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How about the Florida Marlins? Two championships and they've been around for less than 20 years. I'm not really impressed by the franchises that have more money to spend than anyone else. Of course they're going to win the most championships.


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That is a tough one... because I'd have to think that franchises like the Detroit Red Wings whom in their wake have achieved 11 Cups, 6 Conf., and 18 division Championships, but are a competitor at EVERY Stanley Cup Championship regardless of where they placed during the season are without a doubt contestants for Reported Success.

They've really made a mountain out of a molehill in terms of turning Detroit into Their sports market. I agree with Echoes that teams like the Yankees who have had open wallets and practically bought their championships shouldn't be considered "greatest franchises". But that's the cool thing about Detroit is that most of their talent is all homegrown in the sense that they draft and they develop like no other franchise I've ever seen in any sport. They have and have had some Big money players... but I'd bet you more talent comes out of the Red Wings system than goes in to it.

This also makes me wonder to, what exactly is success? Is it just their winning records? Is it the amount of money they bring in? How would you best define (without using an example) what a Successful Franchise is?


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Montreal and the Celtics never had tons of money when they were dominating and winning Championships, both teams were just great at drafting and had great coaching.

I really don't want to get into the money thing especially when it comes to the Yankees. The Yankees bought Babe Ruth from the Red Sox because the owner of the Red Sox was more concern about his play than winning ball games. If Harry Frazee was more concerned about winning ball games then his play then they would of never sold him. The Yankees also drafted players like Dimaggio, Mantle, Gehrig and so many more, so a lot of teams that won Championships were built by the farm system which is because of great drafting and scouting.


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Because of the way this was worded, I don't think money should be a factor. The question is - Who's the most successful. Not who's the best, or deserved it most.

It's hard to rank the Marlins. If you took their championship wins and compared it proportionately to the Yankees, they'd have ~13 Championships (Yankees have played about 6.5 times as many years played) - but of course, the first few years don't really count, since a team has to be given time to get on their feet. I still wouldn't go with FL, since they've had NO other playoff appearances.

It's hard to say between the Yankees, Lakers, and Celtics. Proportionally, they're about the same. I might give the edge to the Yankees just for being able to sustain that same level of success longer, which is reasonable, but not an entirely fair way to look at it.


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On what basis do you place success? Im only seeing US sports teams so far (and this is in General) but I would suspect if its money or sheer size of support base it would either be Man U or Real Madrid. If you are looking at (respectable) silverware then Real Madrid takes it.