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Nintendo Who is the best Nintendo Character?


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After a lot of reasoning with myself I decided that Mario is for sure the best character for Nintendo, everyone knows that without Mario it's not Nintendo it's just like every other system without him, he really has made Nintendo a success. Mario is nintendo's main character and has been in a lot of great games most of which I have played.


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Depends on how you define best Nintendo Character. Obviously Mario is the flagship of Nintendo. He's definitely the most popular character and continues to appear in a ton of games. If you're asking who my favorite character is, it's gotta be Link. He's such a badass, saving the world over and over again without ever saying a single word.


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I've always liked to play as Luigi when I can. Mainly because I think Mario is overrated. Luigi's mansion was a horrible flop though. Luigi can't be in a game alone, but he makes a really good sidekick. I liked how in Mario 2 all of the characters had different abilities.

Anyway, the Mario games have always been my favorite. I guess for argument's sake I'd have to pick Mario though since Luigi really isn't playable in anything but Mario 2. (I don't count the 2nd player in Mario 1 as Luigi).


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I disagree. I thought that Luigi's Mansion was a fun one-time play through kind of game, it just lacked the replay value of a true Mario game.


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I dunno. I was going to say link, especially the more recent editions, but mario is pretty sweet in Super Paper Mario, and there are a lot of characters who appear in both game series that I really like. But just sticking with the primary characters, I guess it'd be Link.

Otherwise I'd get completely lost at picking a favorite.


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hmmm... this is tough because based on games i have played .. I love zelda games whch would lead me to link but I also love mario games....

I am going to have to say mario for one reason and one reason only... nintendo made a fat little plumber into a gaming icon. GO MARIO


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There's no doubt in my mind that Mario is the best character from Nintendo, when you mention Nintendo Characters the first one that comes up in your mind is Mario. I'm a big fan of is, and the same thing with Luigi, I believe after Mario Luigi is the coolest character.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Sorry, guys, but I'm going to have to go with Mr. Game and Watch.

No, I'm kidding. If you put Samus, Link, and Mario together, I'd take Mario over all of them. Link puts up a good case, and Samus just falls up a little bit shorter than Link.