Who is Nash's toughest opponent?

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Dec 12, 2006.

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    I believe their the two best point guards in the league, Kidd might not be the best shooter, but he's the best rebouding guard in the league, and he's the second best passer after Steve Nash. Also being old teamates, I believe Nash plays extra hard when they face each other, and I believe Kidd was is mentor when he was in Phoenix at the beggining of is career. I love to see them go head to head.
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    I hate when people overrate Nash. Kidd has had the better career and has been better for a longer time. Kidd has been playing incredibly from draft day till now. He has been improving players in Dallas, Phoenix and Nets. Nash has only 3 great seasons, and now all of a sudden everyone thinks Nash is so much better. Where was Nash is Dallas? People would laugh, when somebody would say Nash is an elite point guard.

    Not to mention Nash averages a lot of assists because he is the focal point of offense. The system runs through him, unlike in NJ the offense runs through Carter. The offense doesn't go through Kidd yet he averages 9.6 asts. That's incredible.

    Kidd is the overall better player now and during his career.
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    First off Nash was an all star when he was with the Mavericks, and that's when he really began to become an elite point guard in this league. You say that Nash is the focal point of the Suns which is true, but the focal point of the Nets is also Kidd, he might not be the main focus on the scoring side, but the ball is always in is hands when the Nets have the ball. Yes Nash had obviously had the better career between the both, but winning two straight MVP's for Nash makes him an elite player. I don't agree with you saying that Nash had only three good seasons, because since 2000 he has at least averaged 15ppg and 7apg which are great numbers. But I agree with you saying that Kidd has had the best career between the two.
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    I would have to say they problably have the best rivary of any other PG in the league Kidd is the best defending PG and Nash is the best Offensive Pg imo which allows for an exciting game anytime they play.
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    Nash was an allstar in Dallas but he no where close to the level that Kidd was at. Like I said before, people would love when someone said Nash was close to Kidd's level.

    On the fastbreak Kidd is the focal point, but during halfcourt, he passes it to Carter who mostly sets up the plays.

    Basically Kidd doesn't attempt to drive ind and kick the ball out to open teammates. Nash does because the offense goes through him.

    Kidd is more involved this season, but not as much as Kidd. Kidd only gets involved when RJ or VC are struggling. And we have seen him get great numbers when taking over.

    Yea but Kidd was robbed in 2002.

    I mean in terms of an elite point guard.
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    The reason why Kidd passes the ball to Carter and Jefferson, is because they can score with ease, but everyone knows that Kidd isn't a good shooter, he's a decent shooter, even Kidd knows that, that's why he takes less shots then Nash. Nash is a great shooter, and he knows that he can score whenever he wants to, but he knows that is other teamates can score as well, so he rather pass then shoot the ball, he also makes is teamates better, and he has done that since 2000. Obviously Nash wasn't at Kidd's level at the begging of the new Century(2000-2004) Kidd was hands down the best point guard in thel league. He led is team to two straight finals appearence during thos seasons. But you cannot deny the all star status of Nash, because the guy is one of the best points guards in this league, and some people said it was a fluke that he won the MVP(when he won it the first time) but he proved them wrong by winning another one, and now he's proving it again by averaging close to 17 ppg and 11apg.
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    Kidd isn't a good shooter but he can be a good scorer. The PHX game was a reminder. He is able to get to the basket and drew fouls and score points.

    I'm not saying isn't playing at a high level, but people are being bias towards Nash, and forgetting all about Kidd. Like he is no one and like he hasn't done anythin special in his career.
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    Nash might get more recognition because he's the star of his team who has really improved since he went there, and so happens to be on a red hot winning streak. Plus, his career just started to get better with the MVPs, all stars, etc., so naturally, people would notice him over Kidd, who may have had an excellent career, but had it over a longer period of time. and Kidd's getting older now, and his team isn't doing as well as it can.
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    Kidd is an amazing player, and is Nash's toughest challenge. He has to this point had a better career than Nash. However, prime for prime, I would rather have Nash, and if Nash can keep this level of play up for a few more years, he'll probably pass Kidd in my eyes.

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