Who is Mr. Wrestlemania


Sultan of Swat
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There's so many wrestlers to choose from, but in your opinion who do you believe is Mr. Wrestlemania? Please give out examples of why you believe that wrestler should be considered as Mr. Wrestlemania. Also please state your favorite match at Wrestlemania from him.


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Is this a real question? The Undertaker is 17-0...nobody can hold anything against him! My favorite match of his at Wrestlemania happened last night against Shawn Michaels.


I am the woolrus
I'd put Shawn Michaels above Undertaker as being Mr.Wrestlemania. Yes Undertaker is 17-0, but that's just the way the matches were booked. I think that Michaels has stolen the show more times than Undertaker has. He stole the show with his ladder match against Razor Ramon, he stole the show with his amazing match against Bret Hart and he stole the show again last night along with the deadman. It's tough to pick a favourite out of those to be honest! Either way Michaels never fails to perform at WM.

Another thing to consider is how many Wrestlemania's Michaels COULD have stolen if he didn't miss so many years due to injury. Undertaker would be second for me, but Michaels pips him to the post.