Who is itchin' to see the new Star Wars movie?


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Man, I can't wait!! The trailers for this one look really cool. Hopefully it won't be as wuss as the first two, more like the original trilogy. I can't wait to see the metamorphosis from Anakin to Darth Vader. S-W-E-E-T!


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I can't wait as well. I remember going to see the very first Star Wars movie(many many years ago) , way back when I was younger. I didn't want to see it because I thought it was some stupid outer space movie. You can imagine my surprise after seeing it!!


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You have nooo idea! I'm surprised somebody hasn't posted about this sooner!

I will be going to the midnight showing for sure!! I have a feeling this SW movie is going to be my favorite by far!


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*raises hand*

Me! Me!! Me!!! Did I say Me. I can't wait, until it comes out, but I hate going to the theater when there are thousands of people there. So I will probably be waiting a couple of weeks and probably going to an afternoon showing on like Sunday when the theater is not so busy. Hard to go on opening night when you don't like sitting next to people you don't really know unless there is an empty seat on each side.


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I was a kid when the first Star Wars came out. I have been hooked ever since.

I have already told my boss that I am taking that day off work so I can go see it. Told my husband he needs to do the same cause with or without him, Im going thats for sure.

Anyone here besides me who thinks Anakin looks Hot with yellow eyes or is that going a bit too far? :lol:


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I agree with Wolvergambit, I thought it was going to be LAME LAME LAME!!
My big bro made me go and that was it! I don't know how many times I went back! LOVED it from the gitgo! And ya Anakin does look pretty sexy-hot with the yellow eyes... :eek:hno:


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I cannot wait for the movie...

at first I didnt want to spoil anything... I wasnt gonna watch trailers, wasnt going to read posts about it at the forums I went to... but then something happened.... someone sent me a link to a site... it basically sopiled the movie in pictures.

I accidently read about half of it before I stopped. Then the newest reailer came out. I saw that and got even more stoked.

I went to pick up some of the toys for my collection on the last day of the wal-mart thingy that they had going on. Low and Behold they had the novel... now I have over 80 starwars books, and I figured I would just put in on the shelf and forget about it until I saw the movie. The book kept calling my name... I said forget it and read the thing in 6 hours...



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I wanta go, too bad there's not a movie theater anywhere around here. an excuse to have grandma watch the kids while me and dh go to Seattle for a weekend??????


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I really think this one is going to be the best of them all. I also really hope George Lucas makes 7,8, and 9 now since every movie has been successful. It would be a shame if this was the last one. He could even get the same actors from 4,5, and 6 for the last 3. If not then I say he should remake the original 3 (4,5,6) and then go onto make 7,8,9. :)