Who Is GF's Most Intelligent Member?


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Okay so we have lots of brain boxes amongst us but who do we consider to be GF's smartest member?

Also, where do you rank yourself in terms of intelligence amongst the othr members.

Lets keep this free of flaming and nonsense, we are considering the smartest, not dumbest.

For me I consider three people to be up there in the smart stakes:

Tucker, Kaz and Sim I think are the three smartest but it's mighty close. Their level of debating and mature discussion is extremely high.

I know I'm a very smart guy at times, I might not always portray that online as I sometimes don't like to give too much away but I'd like to think I'm in the bracket of 'smart' in the GF pyramid.

Lets discuss.


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I think it is all relevant. Everyone has their knowledge in the things that interett them.

From the people I have really gotten to talk to I am going to say Vincent_Valentine. He is extremely intelligent in conversation, but he doesn't flaunt it, rub it in people's faces, or act like he is some superior being because of it (which imo makes him that much more intelligent). Also he still keeps a personality with it... but those are things I have observed.

Chaos and Tucker are also both very smart guys


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Like Snap mentioned it depends the subject. But if were just talking about Mature Discussions, than I have to go with Kaz and Sim, those guys know what they are talking about. I am not saying the rest dont, but those two impress me the most out of the bunch.


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Probably Kaz, Bananas, and EI.

I'd put myself about here on the intelligence meter relative to others at GF...


Not the most intelligent, but above average.


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It also depends on your political bias if we are talking about Mature Discussion. It's easy to appear smart to those who agree with you politically. Usually people tend to rank those of similar views higher when asked to list the "best debaters of GF", "smartest GF members", etc, while maybe throwing in one or two people that they like but disagree with.

For example, I'd say people like MenInTights are among the most intelligent on GF while people on the other side of many of the debates he participates in would say he is educated but misinformed, ignorant, etc. Or maybe he's just plain dumb because he thinks _____. Would somebody who absolutely can't stand guns be able to consider Pro2A one of the most intelligent people on GF? I think it would be pretty hard to. (I'm not asking rhetorically)

The idea of "GF's most intelligent member" comes down to "GF's most intelligent member that shares your views" 8 times out of 10.

The other 2 times out of 10 will be either somebody who knows a lot about a particular subject or somebody who manages to do a lot of intelligent posting while steering clear of polarizing debates and subjects.

The very idea of "GF's most intelligent member" is tainted by the fact that everybody will have their own idea of what intelligence requires and what types of opinions will automatically disqualify somebody from being nominated for such a title.
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I would put myself by Echoes. I don't really flaunt it, but mainly because I am too lazy to get into a debate. I think Bananas, Sim, and Tucker are the top smarty pants of gf.


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ExpectantlyIronic is one of the better debater's I have seen. Constantine has had some good points (and here I'll beg to differ with Hybrix because I've often disagreed with Constantine entirely - I still respect his input for debates). I've seen a few good posters in MD, though I'm talking mainly of the Religion and Psychology/Philosophy forums (which is where I spend most of my time in MD). ysabel's another good one for the Pschology/Philosophy board, when she deigns to grace the discussions with her presence. :lol:

I wouldn't say I'm overly intelligent. Modestly so, perhaps. I try, if at all possible, to inject humour into a debate, when appropriate. That, coupled with my outrageous performances in ST, could serve to lessen my image in the eyes of my peers. :lol:
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I agree that it is all relative to the discussion at hand and who agrees with your beliefs and who doesn't.

I think just about all the contributors to this forum, especially the ones that frequent it, have said something that I thought was intelligent, thoughtful, funny, wise, etc.

I don't think I could just pick a few, it just depends on what we're talking about.

It's a great forum and I definitely enjoy my time here.


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I think it's valentinselezynov. Didn't he have a 280 IQ? :stare:

Ah yes, how could we forget about that beast. He was more intelligent than Einstein, infact didn't he claim to be Einstein!?

Hybrix, you're right, it does depend on your beliefs and what not but I'm talking aboit general intelligence and knowledge of the world around us. The three I chose seem to have the best understanding and knowledge.