Who invented the noodle?



Heres a question for you guys: Who invented the noodle? Was it the Italians? Was in the Chinesse?

I honestly don't know the answer to this question and haven't really had time to look it up. Should get some interesting replies.


Haha cool I didn't know. My friend told me a story of his friend agruing with his teacher over this subject. The kid said the Italians invented them, but I figured it would be the Chinesse.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
U both have tempted me to go and eat some ramen now >>;

I always thought that the Chinesse made the noodles first, simply because in all of the old stories and movies....that's all they eat besides rice and the vegies and meat. Though now I believe the Chinesse are really gonna gloat now lol^^;


A Darker Knight
mmmm...noodles. THe CHinese may have been more advanced way back then. but now.....


Undead Intellectual
The Chinese were the first to develop the "noodle". It was created for the same uses they use it for today; to eat!. The Italians later were the ones to take this idea of the Chinese and put there little twist on it. What we got? Spaghetti!!!