Who Here Sings?


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I know I love to sing. I hate it because I think my voice sounds so stupid, haha. But I love to cruise and sing or record vocals to my guitar recordings. So who here sings? Even if it's just in your own company when no one is around? =D


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I sing in the shower and when I'm alone (like in the car or home alone, lol). I also sing a little bit at Mass, but not too often!


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I sing a lot. I used to be a vocal education major in college, so I think I sound alright. I haven't been singing as much since I developed a chronic cough (about two years ago). But I still do. :)


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I sing at home but never around other people. Sometimes my boyfriend will look at me when I'm singing and I'll stop immediately.


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Haha I think I'm really annoying because I sing ALL the time....

Never really infront of people unless I know them quite well.

Although recently I've been doing karaoke alot....:-/

I'm in an amateur dramatics group and we always do musical reviews and stuff...I have my first solo coming up and I'm mega excited for that :D


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I sing quite alot. Used to record covers of songs but they got wiped.

When i get some new recording equipment i might post some.


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I try and sing while I play guitar. Just sing along with the music, though. I think I really suck at it. I turn the volume all the way up on my speakers so no one else can hear me :p.