Who Here is a Regular Blog Reader


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Personally, I don't read blogs; yet.

Is there anyone here who reads a blog on a daily basis? What is it about the blog that keeps you interested? What blog is it? (Linkage) How long have you been following this certain blog? (Or blogs if you follow more than one!)


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I follow a few blogs, but I don't visit them on a regular basis. Mostly just music review, exhibitionism, or comedic.

Here's a link to one of the music review ones I follow, as it's more to my taste in music: The Rosemary Locale

What kind of blog you looking to get into?


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Since I have an LJ I check my friends page constantly to keep up with all my friends blogs. I check at least every half hour or so.


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I read my friends' blogs regularly.

As for public blogs that I like, I like to read opinion or comedic ones. Here are two:

Drunken Misanthrope <--Funny, crass observations.

And this one is on hiatus, but you can still read the past blogs:
demonbaby <--This opinion blog is by Rob Sheridan who is the lead artist, web-designer, and photographer for NIN.


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I read blogs that people post on GF but that's it. I don't get why people read random blogs from the Internet if they're in diary form.


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I like getrichslowly.org and fivecentnickel.com but mostly because I'm turning into a personal finance nerd. I've also recently started blogging myself at skispeaks.wordpress.com (am I allowed a quick plug? :)); the stuff I write about is pretty random but I try to keep it general enough that it could be interesting or useful for someone else, and I've got a couple of regular readers.

@NINnerd, I just followed your link and the Drunken Misanthrope is hilarious.
I used to spend some time watching vlogs on youtube, and then I'd get interested in a project they were doing or something and keep up with it in written blogs. Or also, some of those that I used to watch stopped making videos, so I'd check out the blog every once in a while.

Don't do that any more though. The only blogs I'll read are ones that I pull up randomly on a Google search that are written on the topic I was searching for.

Oh, but I do read every blog that is submitted to GF.
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I don't read too many blogs, persay... I read Make's blog every few days, and I read hackaday daily. Waxy.org isn't bad (mainly the links section) and then I have a few blogs that i follow on various projects that i like.

Thats about it...


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I follow a few. I just subscribe via RSS and use the Google reader to keep track of them. The ones I follow aren't really updated all that often.