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Who Hates Cleaning?


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Does anyone here hate cleaning especially spring cleaning?

Do you hate cleaning after others or cleaning after someone especially when you just
cleaned that spot?

Boy I think I'm probably not liking cleaning as much as I used to because it makes me remember how much more tired I get faster.


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I used to clean for a living, and it was an awful job. No one appreciates what cleaners do, day in, day out. The only time a cleaner hears anything from their employers is if there's a complaint (and usually about something highly trivial).

I was glad to be done with that line of employment the day the business I worked for lost their contract at the place I was cleaning. Now, I know that I and the other cleaners there did stellar work with the limited time and resources we were given, so I know they didn't lose it because of us. I'm guessing that the client found someone cheaper and went with them instead.

So, yeah, I hate cleaning, but I also have an immense respect for cleaners everywhere. Theirs is a thankless job, and now I always make sure to thank anyone who cleans up my table whenever I'm eating out somewhere. They need to know that they're appreciated by somebody, right?

As for cleaning at home, I don't mind it at all. I'm very efficient about what I do, and as my wife is the main breadwinner, I make sure I do it well. I want the place to be nice for her when she gets home of an evening from work. And I know she appreciates it very much.
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Somebody doesnt hate cleaning? :confused: I hate cleaning and especially I hate cleaning my room. I can never find anything when Im done and it just gets messed up later anyway. Somebody needs to invent a robotic room that cleans up itself.


Free Spirit
Staff member
To me cleaning is a necessary evil, you have to do it or live in a pig pen so I prefer to clean. Its a thankless job as Eph said but one that needs to be done.

No I don't like picking up after people, they made the mess they need to clean it up. If its company though that would be different. I don't expect company to clean.


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Cleaning is one of those things that most people dislike doing, but have no choice but to do. I fall into that category, if I could get away with not doing it I would, but I like to have clean floors, dishes, clothes, bathroom, kitchen etc. My house is clean but cluttered :)


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I don't really like cleaning at home but I do like seeing the results when I am done.

I would never choose to clean for a job but I am glad there are people out there that will do that.


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Like Ehp I have worked as a cleaner and it's a horrible job, I worked in a couple of offices and schools, everything is done out of normal working hours and you only ever hear complaints, it sucks.
At home I don't mind cleaning as it is something that needs to be done, especially with three kids in the house, the washing machine never seems to get a break and every night the living room looks like a bomb went off, but it's only superficial mess.

The one job I hate more than any other is cleaning the oven, it is the worst job ever.


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I must be a strange person. I may not do it all the time but I genuinely enjoy cleaning. For example, I feel great after I take everything out of my closet and put it all back in an organized manner. I like it when the mirror in the bathroom is spotless.

Don't even get me started on the car. I like to keep the interior as spotless as possible. That's regrettably impossible at times. I am due to vacuum the thing out and maybe shampoo the rugs, clean the inside windows, detail the... well, you get it. :lol:


aka ginger warlock
If I am in the mood to clean I have no problem with it, I will listen to a good podcast and just get on with it, I always feel better and accomplished after doing it BUT I have to be in the mood for it. Ever since I moved to a proper house and out of a bedsit I take more pride in my living conditions where as in my old place because it was so small it was difficult to keep it tidy because I had such little room to put things.


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I used to clean for a living, and it was an awful job. No one appreciates what cleaners do, day in, day out. The only time a cleaner hears anything from their employers is if there's a complaint (and usually about something highly trivial).
Thanks for reminding me that I used to a while back used to clean for a living..
If there is anything that we egt out of that it's only being tired, unappreciated to the fact that either the public, employees of businesses or owners of homes just keep making sure you earn your money by making messes worse and worse.

Personally I would get compliments though and at one point I had people ask to hire me on the side without no one knowing. I had to refuse because to me that's being disloyal and I felt I would be a backstabber. That's not my style.

Besides all that I even felt like I was cleaning in my sleep :)

But as I started this thread I was cleaning atthe time and I was very tired.
I think age does play a part on the way a person thinks and feels.
If that's really the case for me though then I would I had a genie lamp and zap myself maybe about 30-40 years ago when I was a whiz at this cleaning.:D