Who has the most boringest job around here at GF?


I work the night crew at a grocery store. A Stocker. Cut down pallets, take them to their respective isle, stock the shelves, talk to the occasional customer, do back-stock and dress down.

I'm in the lead!

Most Boring Job

1) viLky
2) ...
3) ...
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right here dude.

"secretary" for plumbing contractor, who currently has very little work so i get to catch up on all the filing. yeah.


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Well I have a paper round where I have to get up at 6AM which is a real bummer. And I do it half asleep so yeah not the best job :/


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I deliver pizzas. It can be interesting at times since I work with a bunch of uneducated idiots :lol: I get bored when we aren't busy because I can't hold an intelligent conversation with them.


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What about swift? Doesnt he work around Tax and Taxlaws? To me that'd be pretty redundant and monotonous.

I'm an estimator for a painting contractor, its surprisingly fun and interesting to me so I dont think it will rank all that high on the boring list.