who else is new to this site..?

I found this site by accident, and not sure what to make of it. I am blocked out of chatting, need to post a few times first.
Anyone care to fill me in on what this site has to offer?



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Welcome to GF. It has a lot to offer, in fact, too much to sit around and name it off. The best I can say is just get in the forums and you will see all the wonder of GF lol. I hope you decide to check it out further.


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I am also new to the site. How's it going? Nice to meet you... Yes, I found it courtesy of Echoes' YouTube vids, and I wondered, "What's he talking about - General Forum?"
Brain rotting hours of pure fun can't be a bad thing. :p

Another newbie here, though I've heard a lot about this place.


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If you get 25 posts you can chat.

There are a good amount of people who are new though. We generally have new people joining up all the time.