Who else has seen it?

The karate murder from '84 that's been hitting the web lately. Shit is fucked up, but I cannot find a working copy on youtube.... everything is deleted. For good reason though.


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I saw it. I wish I didn't. It makes me feel like hell even thinking I watched something that eventually lead to someone's passing.


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Just seen it. I find it rather interesting that this footage was never destroyed, and that the person filming went as far as to film the blood trail.


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I wouldn't say gruesome myself. It's more flinchy and creepy.

But then, I used to visit Rotten & Ogrish and still visit Charon Boat from time to time. So take that as you will.
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What was the point of filming the blood trail? To beat off to later? I mean, we saw the fucking guy get dragged. That dude is messed in the head.

For being mentally challenged, the guy put up a good fight - for a few minutes. the stomps are just brutal, makes me cringe a little.

Thanks for posting up the video, Twitch.
I thought it was pretty recently - I think there is also a video of it being shown on the news and that there will be a investigation into it.