Who do you take after?


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There's always in family that kid looks like mum or dad, or whatever. I was wondering who's looks and personality you've got the most from?


I kind of look my sister, and my sister has more of my dad's looks rather than my mums.

As for my behaivor, I take from my uncle, mum's brother. :) Smartass all the way.
Height - Mom's side
Weight - Mom's side
Eyes - Mom's side
Face - Dad's side

So, my face is from my dad's side of the family and the rest if from my mom's side.

I think I get my personality from my grandpa (dad's side). He was very quiet and reserved. Of course, I'm not like that on the Internet, just real life. =P


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This reminds me of a funny scene from the movie Big Fish.

Josephine: What were you dreaming about?

Edward: Well, I don’t usually remember unless they're especially portentous. You know what that word means? (she shakes her head.) Means when you dream about something that's gonna happen. Like one night, I had a dream where this crow came and said, “Your aunt is gonna die.” I was so scared I woke up my parents but they said it was just a dream, and to get back to bed. But the next morning, my aunt Stacy was dead.

Josephine: That's terrible.

Edward: Terrible for her, but think about me, young boy with that kind of power. Wasn't three weeks later that the crow came back to me in a dream and said, "Your daddy's gonna die." I didn't know what to do. I finally told my father. But he said, oh, not to worry, but I could see he was rattled. The next morning, he wasn't himself, kept looking around, waiting for something to drop on his head. Because the crow didn’t say how it was gonna happen, just those words: your daddy's gonna die. Well, he left home early and was gone for a long time. When he finally came back, he looked terrible, like he was waiting for the axe to fall all day. He said to my mother, "I've just had the worst day of my life." (beat)"You think you've had a bad day,” she said. “This morning the milkman dropped dead on the porch!"


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None from my immediate family. I must be adopted :lol:

Closest to my personality is my aunt. But she's also considered "mutant" in her immediate family, lol.


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I'd guess that my height is mostly from my dad's side, because my mum's side is pretty small - I'm only 5 foot 8 and I'm already bigger than most of the people on my mum's side, if not all of them. My goofy sense of humour is my own, however :lol:
Looks, I look a lot more like my dad than my mom. And I look more like my dad's side of the family in general. I have a cousin on my dad's side who is a fifth cousin or some such who I could pass as sisters with, pretty easily. Some things I got from both sides of the family though (tiny feet being an example), and some things I did get from my mom's side (extremely long legs for my height, and somewhat longer than average arms).

Personality and brains, I got from my dad's side completely (my dad's dad's side to be precise). My mom is an artist, I can't visualize things at all. My dad majored in math in college, I'm majoring in math as well. My dad and I both write.

I did get ability at music from both sides, but more from my dad's side than my moms.

I am very definitely my father's child.



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Well i have both my mom and dad's face combination. Well actually both my parents look alike :lol:so.. yeah. My hot temper-ness i got it from my mom, in fact all the negative points i had it from her.. And overall i follow my dad's cool personality.:cool: