Question Who do you like better?


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What do you think about your mother and father? Who of these 2 have you felt to be closer with one more than the other.? Why may that be? Share the experience about being raised and why you feel to be attached more to one parent then the other..

Perhaps you can feel equal about them. That is ok to share also. . To those only raised by one parent may be able to share why they like their mother and or father who brought them up. And if you were raised by anyone else relative or guardian you are also able to share. Cause the person who brought you up is your true parent. . This is basically a topic about parents and how we were raised and how we feel in the long run. You don't have to remember your earliest days. Just remember what your able to about your parents. .
Well as the Fresh Prince says “Parents just don’t understand” :lol: Who wants to go first?


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I was raised by my grandparents so I was closer to my grandmother than anyone else including my grandfather. Although I loved him too. My mother didn't really have much to do with me when I was little so I was never that close to her but I still loved her. She was always too busy to spend much time with me.


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I've grown closer to my Dad in the last 15 years or so, but I had to physically move out of home for that to happen. Growing up, I did not like him at all. Let's be clear here: he never physically or emotionally abused me, but he was remote.

It was only when I left that I finally learned that he suffered from depression (which would explain where mine came from), so he was not really capable of connecting in the way that I needed him to as a child.

Even now, he's pretty much a closed book emotionally speaking. I still get most of my emotional connectedness from my Mum. She wears her heart on her sleeve (which is where I get that tendency from), and she and I have had many heart to hearts over the years.

I would say that I'm probably a lot closer to my Mum than my Dad (even now), but that I don't tend to favour one over the other any more (it used to be my Mum).
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Well I first would like to say that usually when I see this question asked I see ore answers that a person tends to be closer to a female then a male. Could it be because that women are nurturers?
They are softer made so to say..
When you fall down and scrape you knee you would go to a female to help you and then you tender, caring words to make you feel better. Now on the other hand if you go to a male they may tend to tell you to suck it up because a male mind was to think they are macho made.
Does that make sense? I'm not trying to be sexist but that's what I see.

As to who I am closer hands down Mom. Both of my parents are deceased.
In my younger years I think I was closer to Dad then Mom but in my adult years closer to Mom then Dad when it counted most.
My Mom ended up dying being my friend. I love and miss here so much that it's hard to believe that it will be 5 years already she is gone.

My Mom was the kind of person that would you her last penny knowing she needed it or if you were hungry she gave her last portion. When you need to do something and she knew she was busy she would stay up all night to help you.

Mom always listened and I mean listened. She gave me the morals, ethics and values that I have today. Mom also wasn't the kind to ask to much from me.

Don't get me wrong I loved my Dad also especially at the end and he deserved better at times.
To bad we wait until it's too late before they could know how much we appreciate them.


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We did not have any father around. Our mother had a boyfriend. . but every few years she would break up and meet a new one. I don't want to spend pages talking about them because most of them had a drinking problem. However Barry was really nice to all of us. . and Teresa was disappointed our mom broke up with him. . none of these boyfriends spent much time with me playing ball or working on a bike or anything like that. . Terry for example smoke pot with my brother. Don for example played music with Kenny. . I am 8 years younger than Kenny was. My mom usually had a boyfriend in his 20s or 30s . I don't know if she ever had a boyfriend in his forties. But Ricky her last boyfriend did look in his forties already false teeth at thirty five and losing much of his hair. He did too much drinking and drugs in his life that I believe made him age faster. .
Of course I could talk to my mother about anything in mind. She was the one also to believe in God. My mother was not strict enough on me though I believe. She always lets my restriction go. I was allowed to stay out late by junior high.. I did not get in trouble for Saturday detentions. Even when I got on probation for petty theft I still did not get in much trouble. .
My life changed though when I pulled a prank by pushing a teacher at a school dance. I was then placed in a group home til I had graduated from high school . actually it was a very good thing. Because in the group home I had curfew and some chores to do. . I was also doing better at school. I was involved in after school youth employment programs. .
Grampa was closest to having a dad around. Grampa worked ever day.. he also played music at 2 skating rinks. . Grampa was liked by people at all ages.. he taught us to do the right things. He really represents the silent generation for sure. Grampa sure made us all laugh. He shared his movies, music and interesting real life stores.
I liked being around my mother. We got along pretty well most of the time. But I didn't like her constant smoking kool cigarettes. She always remembered my birthdays. She got in a motel when the hospital said I was not sick enough. Mom would not let me go on the street as long as she had a place to live. We used to like to play board games together. We were about equal in scrabble. Some of the other games more about luck. Except triva pursuit. Today I would be less interested in these games of luck. My mom good in one aspect and my Grampa the other.
Sorry for the long post but between living at home and being placed in the group home really made me think about life and being raised.