Who do you dislike?


Do What Thou Wilt
Is their anyone here you dislike? Why?
( this is not for a flame war. Just state who YOU dislike)

At the moment, their isn't really anyone I dislike.


Do What Thou Wilt
Well, you can be nice about it, and it only is flaming if you insult them. for example "He is a fag" is a flame as opposed t saying "I don't like the way he acts"


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We've had threads like this before and it just turns into a flame throwing fest.

It's nobodies business who dislikes who and threads like this are only ever going to have a negetive effect on the forum.

Prepare to be closed!


"There can be only one!"
Before it does get closed... ... ...

Their is not one member here that I don't like when they are being nice, whether it's to me or someone else, or 'a nice comment' in general.

If this thread isn't flaming [which it is] the people that come in and tell who they don't like would be flaming.


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As it has been said. This thread is just asking for trouble. There are people that I feel I bump heads with them or are always attacking everything I say lol.

However, I would talk to them personally if it got to be a problem. There is no point making it an open subject for the whole forum to see.