Who deserves the NL Cy Young?


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Alright we're talking about the AL Cy Young so why not the NL Cy Young?

Here are a couple names being mentioned...make a case for one of them or include one of your own...

Brandon Webb
Tim Lincecum
CC Sabathia
Johan Santana
Brad Lidge


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Even though Lidge was perfect, I don't think he should win it. I am not a fan of a closer to win the Cy Young.

It's hard to take CC, even though he's pitched remarkably since joining the Brewers, the thing is that before that he was just awful with the Indians.

Brandon Webb deserves some huge consideration for what he's done this season.

Santana didn't pitch his best in my opinion this season, could of had a better year.

I have to choose Lincerum, the guy was just a monster this season, and you to remember he played on an awful Giants team. He chewed up a lot of innings, struck out a lot of batters and his era was good. He gets my vote.


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The common "rule" if you will with the cy young is that if you have someone in that league who wins 20 games, a reliever can't win the award. Don't get me wrong, Brad Lidge had an awesome season. But with that said there are two guys who I think had better overall seasons then him. Lidge goes out there for one inning per game whereas Linecum and Webb start their games and are asked to go 7 innings per outing. The year Eric Gagne won the Cy Young he had 55 saves and an ERA of 1.20...that's ridiculous. The season we won it Russ Ortiz did have 21 wins but an ERA close to 4...it made sense for Gagne to win it...he was that dominant.

Lidge has a sub 2 ERA and hasn't blown a save but overall I think Webb and Lincecum had better seasons. Webb had more wins but I'm giving the nod to Lincecum as well. Let's put some pertanent stats side by side...

Lincecum: 18-5 record, 227 innings, 265 Ks, 84 BBs, 2.62 ERA, 1.17 WHIP

Webb: 22-7 record, 226 innings, 183 Ks, 65 BBs, 3.30 ERA, 1.19 WHIP

Based off just those stats I think you give the nod to Tim. Also keep in mind the dude is only 24 years of age.


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Tim Lincecum. You don't strike out 265 batters (in 227 innings mind you), lead the league in ERA, allow a batting average of just .221, only 187 hits, and just 11 home runs and not win the award. Granted Brandon Webb and his super sinker have won more games, but his ERA is much higher. Lincecum is gonna win it with 18 wins much the same way Pedro Martinez won the 1997 NL Cy Young Award with 17 victories. His peripherals are just to darn good to pass up.

Brad Lidge has a solid case as well, going 41-41 in saves and striking out a whopping 92 batters in just under 70 innings. Eric Gagne won the 2003 Cy Young award (which kills me because I'm a Dodger fan and at the time he was juicing up) going 55-55 in save opps, allowing a .138 batting average and striking out 137 batters in 87.1 innings. If Lidge wins it, I won't have a problem with it at all.
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Tim Lincecum, and there is an historical precedent for it. Lincecum had a very similar season to that of Mike Scott in 1986. At the time, I did not favor Scott for the Cy, but over the years I have developed a better appreciation of his season. The Mike Scott/Fernando Valenzuela comparison is consistent with the Lincecum/Webb comparison this year.

IMHO, it seems that every year there is a reliever you could nominate for the Cy. It has to be an exceptional situation to award it to the reliever, and Lincecum and Webb had sufficiently strong seasons to discount relievers this year.