Who deserves the Cy Young in the AL


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Honestly I think that wins are the biggest joke of a stat there is. There is so much luck that is involved in wins that I hardly take it seriously when discussing awards.

With that said Cliff Lee was 22-3 and his ERA was a ridiculous 2.50 or so. That's pretty disgusting. I think I Jon Lester deserves to be mentioned in the discussion as well.

But I would still give the nod to Lee.
I'll be the first to agree, only partially. Cy Young had the award named after him because he won 511 games (granted, it was back during the days of 2, 3, and 4 man rotations) but wins are what they are. Overrated? Possibly. But they can help shine up a pitcher's peripherals.

Rick Helling may have been the worst 20-game winner I have ever seen. He won 20 games while losing 8 for the Texas Rangers back in 1998, but his ERA was a very high 4.41, he allowed 106 ER in 216.1 innings, and allowed 27 home runs. He's proof of sorts that wins can be overrated.

Lee, on the other hand, his stats are incredible. 22 wins, 3 losses, 2.54 ERA, 4 complete games, 223.1 innings pitched, 214 hits allowed, only 63 earned runs allowed, and a career-high 170 strikeouts, while allowing just 12 home runs and walking only 34 batters. He pitched like a 22 game winner.