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Who blinks first: Ovechkin or Trotz.


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Over the last few years a lot of media type people have been coining Alexander Ovechkin as a coach killer. Even "Down Goes Brown" had a catchy parody song about it: http://www.downgoesbrown.com/2011/12/is ... iller.html

After Boudreau got fired.
Boudreau said:
“I’m really naive. I always thought me and Alex had a good relationship. I don’t know if it’s true or not true, but I don’t want to believe it. The proof will probably be in how he plays a month from now.”
Here is a more recent, better, in depth take on the myth of Ovechkin as a coach killer from The Hockey News: http://thehockeywriters.com/tape2tape-a ... ch-killer/

Now Barry Trotz enters the Capitals organization. Trotz has coached for 15 seasons. Of those seasons, his poorly built, overly defensive and little offensive team has made the playoffs 7 times. Never making it to a conference final and only passing the first round twice. All of his seasons coaching was for ONE team... ONE. So if there is a coach that knows how to keep his job, it is this guy. Ovechkin has been in the NHL for 9 years and he has had 4 coaches. He's burned through 3 coaches in the last 3 years. Hell, even Dale Hunter turned tail and walked away. Should I even mention that Bruce Boudreau's Anaheim Ducks have finished first in their division in his two full seasons with them? No? Ok then, I won't.

Barry Trotz coaching record:

Games: 1196
Wins: 557
Losses: 479
Overtime Losses: 100

In 15 seasons, the Predators managed to get a point in 53.2% of their games. Let's also remember that Nashville was an expansion team. In their first 5 seasons, the growing pains kept them well below a .500 season. In the next ten years the Predators only had one season below .500 and that was the contract shortened season after they lost Ryan Suter. Even with Pekka Rinne sidelined for all but 24 games this season, the Predators still managed to get 6 points above .500.

So the question is... who will blink first? Will Ovechkin and Trotz have a winning relationship where Ovechkin learns to play a two way game or will we see another 50 goal and a minus 30 season?
I don't think it's gonna change anything. Ovechkin doesn't give a fuck about who coaches the team because he's BFF with Ted Leonsis. As long as Leonsis doesn't put his foot down and tells Ovechkin that he doesn't run the team, that's gonna happen. Washington will never win anything as long as Ovechkin acts as selfishly as he does.


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I would be devastated if I was a Capitals fan. Did you see the way Ovechkin and his teammates celebrated their World Championship win? If only he and that passion in the NHL. Thing is, Ovechkin can not man up when it's the best of the best playing... and he has to pigeon hole championships by playing weaker opponents. How did he fair in the Olympics? Jesus... even the Russian President drank from the cup... They hold the World Championship of Hockey way too high. Try a World Cup of Hockey AFTER the playoffs are over... with best vs best.


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Ovechkin will outlast the coach.... unless the Capital brass realizes he's not really worth the trouble. He has the ability but he'll never bring the Capitals a title.


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This question is tough to answer. Trotz never had to call out his stars like Weber , Suter and Rinne as they did what they were coached! We also don't know what type of system Trotz will put into place. He played a defensive style in Nashville because he really had no other choice. He made it clear that his system will benifit their teams strength so you can only assume that's an offensive style.


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Defensive with an embellishment flair to give Ovi 23 PP's per game.