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Heavy Weapons Guy
I'm making this thread to see who people are voting for in the election (or who you would vote for if you could, as plenty of you are not from the US).

Most importantly, please have some facts on why you will vote the way you will.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't vote because I feel that my vote isn't important.

Even when the majority of votes pick a candidate that candidate still might not win.

How is that fair?


Son of Liberty
even though every year I've voted Republican, my state goes Democrat. It doesnt stop me from voting though.

Obviously voting independent is just a waste of a vote considering we are dominated by this two party system. A person may be just as if not more effective not voting rather than going for that 3rd party.

I wont vote Obama because I feel he is two liberal for my likings. Even though I'm not a fan of McCain either, I still feel that the country would be in better hands with a conservative in office with the current shitty economy we have.


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I'm voting for Obama. I use prisoner's dilemma thinking when it comes to voting. My vote may not be that important, but if everyone who thought like me decided not to vote, then that would be a problem. So I vote in the general spirit of cooperation.


not a plastic bag
I would like to vote for Barr, but McCain it will be.

I'm with McCain on most issues: Constitutional Judges(Pro-Life), More Energy, Lower Taxes, Less Spending, End the War by winning it, Medical Savings Accounts and other things..


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I'm voting Obama because he's going to be the Democratic nomination. I may not like him but I'm sure as hell not voting Republican which I never do.


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If I was old enough to vote, I'd vote for some really obsure party. Give 'em a bit of false hope. Unlike everyone else, who needs to wait to be told who to vote for.


Heavy Weapons Guy
I'm not sure I wouldn't rather see Barr, but I'll probably vote McCain to make sure Obama doesn't get in.