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Discuss White Supremacist Executed


aka ginger warlock
I have just seen this article on the BBC News website and I am conflicted on how I feel about the decision and what has occurred.

Joseph Franklin, white supremacist serial killer, executed

A US white supremacist who targeted black and Jewish people in a nationwide killing spree has been put to death in the US state of Missouri.

Joseph Franklin was executed for shooting dead a man outside a synagogue in the city of St Louis in 1977.

The 63-year-old was convicted of seven other racially motivated murders. He claimed to have committed 20 in total.

His execution came after the US Supreme Court upheld an appeal court's decision to lift a stay of execution.

In 1978 Franklin shot Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, leaving him partially paralysed, after seeing a picture of a mixed-race couple in one of his magazines.

But Mr Flynt - who opposes the death penalty - had sued to prevent Franklin's execution.

On the one hand I don't think there is a hole big enough for people like this, in the 21st century I find it sad that we still have people on the planet that will hate and kill people just because of a religion and race. Race is something someone cannot help and to kill someone over something that they cannot help is not just sad but a little bit pathetic and moronic. What kind of human actually thinks it is acceptable to kill someone on this basis? On the other hand I do not agree with the death penalty, humans I believe should not decide the continuing life of someone else, do we have that right? Should we let people live in a prison system and simply die there of natural causes?

I am not sure and I would not want to make this call but am interested in others opinions.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm afraid there is always going to be people that will kill someone over their religion or race. I'm glad there is one less now to worry about and wish he had been executed a long time ago.

I'm only for the death penalty if there is strong evidence of their crime, not circumstantial evidence.


Wow I always forget that some places in the US have the death penalty. Sometimes I think the death penalty is an easier punishment than life in prison. It's like they get out of jail quickly card. People suffer more in prison sometimes.

Yet there are some people who enjoy life in prison. So it's hard to tell which is a worse punishment for some, life in prison or death. Either way this is one scumbag who won't be missed.


Registered Member
Every state should have the death penalty, and it shouldn't take as long for them to be executed. The only problem is are those who are found guilty, but really are innocent. Keeping them in jail for so long is a waste of tax payer money, and if there's not a single shadow of a doubt that they're guilty, they need to be taken directly to the back and put down.


Registered Member
No, he should not have been executed.

Make no mistake, what he did was morally and utterly wrong but wiping him off the face of the earth doesn't undo his crimes in any way, shape or form. Innocents are still dead. Their families still grieve.

And I really don't think that's one less murderer that we have to worry about at all. As long as we have human nature, there will always be murderers lurking among us, and there's absolutely no way that we as a society will ever be able to eradicate that... and that's profoundly sad.