White House vs. Fox News


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The White House has come out and accused Fox News of being a wing of the Republican Party.

White House Escalates War of Words With Fox News - Political News - FOXNews.com

That seems like a dumb move to me, considering the fact that Fox News is the #1 cable news network. It's not like people aren't going to hear about how the White House is crying and taking their ball home.

I mean, this story was on the front page of foxnews.com and was just mentioned on the air not 30 minutes ago.

Is the White House fair in their accusations or are they just hyper sensitive to any news network that isn't in bed with them? (Partisan question I know but take it as you will).


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This goes back to what I say about the accusation of news networks being "in bed" with the white house.

In my view, and in objectivity, the Fox News network was definitely "in bed" with the prior administration.

Now, any news network that doesn't blatantly attack the left and left-center is viewed as "the liberal media."

This isn't some crazy accusation, or taking their ball and going home, it's just a statement of established fact. :)


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It's pathetic and intellectually dishonest to claim they're a "wing of the Republican party". They "put their opposition research on the air"? For example? And even if they do, isn't that what they're supposed to do? Show opposing views?

I agree with Clemente, it appears the White House is having a hard time distinguishing between news reporters and opinion shows. What a shocker.

EDIT: I should add, those that are accused of being "the liberal media" are not called so because they don't openly attack the left, they're referred to as such because they report the news with a very large slant, and fail to question the policies of the left.
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I've always seen it as fact that Fox is a right-wing outlet. Much in the way that I view CNN as a majorly left-wing outlet. I've really never had any reason to doubt those assumptions because they seem to be proven continuously each day. That being said, I could care less about how much one station is leaning to the left or right.

I do agree however that it is supremely stupid to pick a fight with the media. Fox news has always been a republican outlet and it's well known. It would be like Bush picking a fight with CNN or NBC, it would just hurt approval ratings and give the media something to burn the president with even if it wasn't the president who said it.


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Is the White House fair in their accusations or are they just hyper sensitive to any news network that isn't in bed with them? (Partisan question I know but take it as you will).
Just hypersensitive to any news network that isn't in bed with them.
-President of NBC's parent company is on a Obama advisory board and also has received millions from the government and will receive billions from 'green technology'.
-ABC news broadcast from inside the WhiteHouse for a week so they could tell everyone how great ObamaCare will be.
-CNN runs fact checks when SNL dares to criticize Obama

It sounds to me like they're just pissed because Fox News exposed Van Jones, Cass Sunstien and a host of other lunatics that are advising the administration.


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Just today I was thinking that Obama needs to just thumb his nose at his major detractors and refuse to play ball. Fox News gives airtime to a number of people looking to politically destroy the president, and they are already attacking him with all the ferocity they have. Their hand is already on the table, and they have no ace up their sleeve. The White House has nothing to lose from firing back. It seems to me the president is starting to take a few pages from FDR's book, and FDR was brash both in his "we'll try it, and if it doesn't work, we'll try something else" approach to reform, and in being harsh with his opposition after they proved unamiable.

The president has long attacked "cable news", and the White House only really changed in naming the particular news outlet they have a problem with. This seems to go hand-in-hand with the decision by the administration to kick all lobbyists off the advisory committees, despite the fear by many that they could retaliate. Also, with Obama promising to end "don't ask, don't tell", we could almost say the administration grew a nutsack.
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Its so dumb. Wingbats like the people at fox news thrive on attention, if people just ignored them they would shut up eventually.


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Actually I think this is what its all about:
Obama approves Afghanistan troop increase - CNN.com

Whenever Obama does something that's guaranteed to piss off the faithfuls, he always seems to throw out a little red meat. Its like he's got a bag of trick-or-treat candies ready to pass out whenever he's about to anger the base: overthrow don't ask-don't tell, put Dick Cheney in jail, close GITMO, attack FoxNews, re-instate fairness doctrine....


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MenInTights said:
Its like he's got a bag of trick-or-treat candies ready to pass out whenever he's about to anger the base
As someone ambivalent about the troop increase, I will happily take an end to "don't ask, don't tell" in exchange. :) Seems a fair trade.