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*whisper* Illegal Downloading


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Does anybody here ever do any illegal downloading? I know they watch, but there are ways around it that some people take. How do you feel about illegal downloads?

I used to download CD's sometimes, but haven't downloaded any for a long time.


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Why I would NEVER! *whistles softly* ... I did replace some of my scratched cd's with downloads. But that part is supposed to be legal.
My friend has downloaded movies before they come out. But she buys them as soon as they are on dvd anyhow. She's just impatient.


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Honestly if actually helps the industries that are freaking out about it!! Ive downloaded tv shows ive missed. Once im addicted i buy the DVD box set. Just because i downloaded it doesn't mean i want to keep it in that format. Its a quick fix to see something fast not store it forever!!! They should use this medium to their advantage.

Offer movies for downloads when they are first released for the impatient people. Show the tv shows on a website for the show...its happening slowly but its the wave of the future and they need to face it instead of fighting it. :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well I'm guilty of ripping. I do it to glip cartoons, Animes and Dr Who episodes to cut up and make videos to entertain the masses at U Tube.

Every now and then I borrow a song or two or even three :lol:

I use Grease monkey to do my ripping and Reva to reconvert the files to put them in my movie editor program.
All is fair in love, war and video editing:lol: :D


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm not even going to get into my music collection.

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with downloading. I'm one of those people who feel that downloading music is the same as home recording.

Of course, a lack of quality music and a declining economy CAN'T be to blame for the lack of record sales. That's impossible.


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By home recording are you referring to TV shows and movies? Those are paid for by commercials, which is different. Those are MEANT to be free, which is why you pay for cable in the first place. Either that or sit through commercials. (Gotta love TiVo and other DVR boxes!)

As for illegal music downloading, it's a bit different. You can download and burn a CD that is 100% just as good as the $14 version from the store, minus the jewel case and CD art.

As for illegal MOVIE downloading, all this is going to do is promote more product placement in movies to make up for lost profits.

As far as I'm concerned, lack of quality music is not a legit argument. If it's worth downloading and listening to, it's worth buying.

HOWEVER, I do agree that if it lacks quality, you should be able to at least sample it first to see if you want to buy it. No, the right way to do this is not by downloading, but I think artists should all make at least 30-60 seconds of each song on their album available to sample on their website so people can make an educated decision when making their purchase.

There have been many times when I would buy a CD for one song, only to find out later that that is the only good song on the entire CD. That's what iTunes and other online music store websites have as a great selling point.

I could go on and on, but really it's not an issue of whether or not you think music/movie/software pirating is ok or not. The truth of the matter is that it is illegal and you can face extreme penalties if caught.

I met a guy at CompUSA the other day as I was BUYING some expensive software. We got into talking about his friend who is currently serving year 2 out of a 10 year jail sentence for software pirating. He'll have 2 years probation after he is released. If he even touches a computer during his 10 year sentence, or during his probation he can get in further trouble.

If you can't afford it, go without. That's why I don't drive a Dodge Viper. ;)


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I download TV shows all the time, too. I know it's sorta stealing if you don't watch the commercials, but... the shows are free to begin with, so I can't imagine they get THAT upset about it.

I download music illegally. I do. I feel a little guilty about it, but I'm also poor and nobody is stopping me, so... The root of all evil, right?


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I really don't mean this as an insult, but it is pretty amazing to guage the moral guidelines when it comes to stealing thing on the internet.

I wonder if you people who download songs on the internet would go into a music store and steal a CD if you know you wouldn't be caught?