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Movies Whip It (2009)


aka ginger warlock
I finally got around to finishing this last night (I have been working my way though a lot of films recently) and I really really enjoyed it. If you have not heard of it is based on the book whose name I have forgotten about a misfit girl (played by Ellen Page) joining a roller derby group after seeing them skate and falling in love with it. Obviously Ellen makes it into the team otherwise it would be a very short film and whilst it is based on a real story I wonder how much of it was created for story telling and dramatic purposes.

It's not going to change the world and the story is a very simple story but I really enjoyed it and would recommend anyone watch it especially if you like Page.


I got bored with this film very quickly. It was Drew Barrymore's first ever directing debut and I think she played it way too safe. The story was so textbook I could hardly believe it. When some of the things happened I couldn't believe that she was playing to such a conventional film plot. I think it's one of the most predictable films I have ever seen.
Apart from the story pretty much sucking the roller derby scenes were fast-paced and filmed well. I liked those.