While you were all so busy confusing over the fake Hybrix's...


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Well, almost 2 days ago I noticed GF was being invaded with Hybrix's. I figured since there were plenty of Hybrix's running around nobody would miss the real Hybrix if he decided to just sit back and chill for a bit.

I mean... remember the Land of Waldo's?

Where's Waldo? Am I right? :lol:

Anyway, I got some posts in yesterday morning just after midnight and then decided to just lie low and watch as people wonder where the real Hybrix went. I think you guys were too distracted with the clones too even notice that I slipped out for a smoke. :lol:

So congrats to the orchestrators of the cloning scheme. You successfully took over the Hybrix persona for right around 47 hours without any interruption from me. :cool:


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He says "He let us" muahahaha...

I havent forgot this!:

Hybrix has been hijacked.
Hidden Hooligans hatched a plan, &
had their way with the head honcho.
Hes here un-Harmed, haven't a worry
He'll be fine and happy in a hurry
No we're not hysterical, or hopeless, or High
...high... well maybe next week we could be Hiei ;)

The Rebel Alliance is back, the RA Machine,
Now prepare for the confusion of Operation negative Seventeen!

...carry on.