Which's the HOTTEST job in IT?..

Hi everyone....

Can anyone pls tell me which JOB in the IT industry for a FRESH GRADUATE is the BEST in terms of remuneration?.... I was just thinking of entering into the DEVELOPMENT side.... any comments?...:rolleyes:



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In general, it seems like Web Application Developers are doing pretty well, and also Database Administrators.

Here's a list of "In Demand" skills, the way I see it:

• Applications Development/Database (MCSD, SQL, Java, .Net, ASP,SQL Windows, Oracle)
• Web-enabled analytics, management apps (MAPICS)
• Database (SQL Server, Oracle)

What are the salaries paid for these jobs? They are in demand everywhere and I think they will hire a graduate who is just starting.


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$100,000 a year isn't hard to reach quickly in any of these fields. I'm not exactly sure of how much you can make starting but it's safe to assume you can make good money. Does anybody have any more exact estimates?