Which Williams would you prefer

#8 rookie salary yr1- $1,735,600 yr2- $1,865,800 yr3- $1,996,000

  • Marcus Williams

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  • Jay Williams

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Our top 2 point guard prospects seem to be these guys if we don't acquire a starter in a trade.
Who would you rather?

keeping in mind of course, Jay will likely cost us just above $2 million and
Marcus it depends on where he goes... http://www.realgm.com/src_rookiescale.php


I doubt Jay Williams will cost us 2 million his injury should have lowered his value. I'm thinking more like 1 -1.5 mil and also by grabbing Jay Williams we keep our draft pick to fit our needs by drafting or trading down for a big man or a solid player.


Sultan of Swat
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Yes I selected Jay Williams I'm not saying that Marcus Williams won't be a good player, because he is going to be one. It's just like Panic said in signing Jay Williams you get a guy that is ready to start when you need him to start he can also come off the bench and give you a lot of options, also you keep your number one pick and you select someone like Aldridge that we really need.