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Which Vista version you get?

Which Vista will you get?

  • Windows Vista Business

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  • Windows Vista Enterprise

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  • Windows Vista Home Premium

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  • Windows Vista Home Basic

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This thread applies only to those who plan to get Vista.

That being said, there are 5 versions to choose from this time around:

Windows Vista Business - Full $299 / Upgrade $199
Regardless of the size of your organization, Windows Vista Business will help you lower your PC management costs, improve your security, enhance your productivity, and help you stay better connected.

Windows Vista Enterprise - Not individually sold (Large quantity only)
Windows Vista Enterprise is designed to meet the needs of large global organizations with highly complex IT infrastructures. Windows Vista Enterprise can help you lower your IT costs while providing additional layers of protection for your sensitive data.

Windows Vista Home Premium - Full $239 / Upgrade $159
Whether you choose to use your PC to write e-mail and surf the Internet, for home entertainment, or to track your household expenses, Windows Vista Home Premium delivers a more complete and satisfying computing experience.

Windows Vista Home Basic - Full $199 / Upgrade $99.95
Windows Vista Home Basic is designed to deliver improved reliability, security, and usability to home PC users who just want to do the basics with their PCs.

Windows Vista Ultimate - Full $399 / Upgrade $259
If you want all of the best business features, all of the best mobility features, and all of the best home entertainment features that Windows Vista has to offer, Windows Vista Ultimate is the solution for you. With Windows Vista Ultimate you don't have to compromise.


As for me, I am a sucker for bigger and better, so it would be hard to stop me from getting the Windows Vista Ultimate. I'll try to find an OEM but I figure $399 isn't a bad price considering that the OS should probably last until 2013 or so before it's replaced. Only comes down to 18 cents per day! :D


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For me, it's about stability and usability. That's why I prefer Pro over Home as it is now. I'm still going to wait until much later to upgrade, probably my next PC (if it's even a PC). I never did like the repackages of Windows and the way Microsoft sells them. It comes down the the individual features of each OS.


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If i were to upgrade, i'd have to upgrade to the best. so ultimate it is.