Which type of venue do you perfer?

What is your favorite type of venue

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Which type of venue do you prefer when you go see a band?

I myself am a big fan of DIY basement shows. Go to a party, plenty of beer and people crammed into someone's basement. That's my ideal concert going evening.

Whats yours?


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I like going to out door shows. Ampa theaters are the best way to see a show IMO. Nothing like seeing a killer show under the stars.


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I love the atmosphere you get at festivals, so an outdoor gig it is for me. Either laying in the sun near the back, happily getting drunk or being right up at the front, dark sky overhead and the headliner on stage.


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I love things like warped tour where you wander around endlessly listening to different bands playing at the same time which means I love outdoor things. The energy is amazing.


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I prefer bars. There's no need to worry about the weather being perfect. There's also a bar ambiance that spells party. I suppose it also depends on the type of performer I'm watching. I'm thinking more about rock bands. I watched once in a theatre and I felt bad about the nice cushioned seats.


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Keep in mind I've never been to any festivals or bars/clubs.

I've been to a small arena, bit like a theater really, but I really love big arenas. Wembley, Twickenham, etc
And seated preferably


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I like outdoor arenas best. Not always the best scenario sound wise, but i think it's definitely the best atmosphere wise. Best venue i've ever attended was the Orange stage at Roskilde. That's probably my ultimate venue.