Which Trainers?

The nicer trainers are

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"There can be only one!"

I actually went against shopping advice and bought trainers online, I sent for one of the above, but they sent me the other.

Which of the above do you think are better/nicer?


"There can be only one!"
Both of them make me want to vomit blood. I think they're ugly. The white ones especially.
Vomiting blood is going a bit far. Maybe you should get some blood and draw thick eyebrows and a moustache and stick a tampon in your mouth like a cigar.

For the price, I think at least one pair look fine, after all, they are just for running.

Yeah, the difference between black and white is pretty huge :lol: But if you don't care about matching your shoes to what you usually wear then I guess that doesn't really matter.
They're both fine, but I prefer the white ones. You shouldn't listen to me though cause I'll pick anything that's got blue on it over anything that hasn't.


Sally Twit
Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was a question that you wanted answering no matter what the opinion.

Did you put a "neither" option up there? Yes.
Did you design them yourself? No.

I don't give a shit if they're for running or for getting back to Kansas. I don't like them.


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I think the white ones look better then the black but there are definitely better looking shoes out there


living on the border
I like the white ones better, but just to wear out (although, I would never wear them)

If theyre just for running, go with the black ones