Which title would you bring back?

Bring which title back to ECW?

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We've been talking about the hardcore title and cruiserweight on another thread and that got me thinking. Which one would you rather the WWE brought back?

Let's just assume it is going to be exclusive to Extreme Championship Wrestling and they can only bring one back. Personally I think ECW does need a secondary title and I've been asking for one for a while now. Especially now since Teddy Long is bringing in so many new wrestlers.

So which one would you like ECW to bring back?


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I'd say the Hardcore championship belt in a heart beat. WWE barely has any cruiserweight anymore, and I think the division always excelled in WCW and never the WWE.

The Hardcore championship as always been one of my favorite belts, I love when wrestlers can go anywhere in the arena, use any weapons they like. It's very entertaining in my opinion. But I kind of understand why they dont have it anymore, it kind of takes a huge toll on the head and body of the wrestlers who compete in those kind of matches.


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Your last sentance is the reason I am leary on them bringing back this belt. Sure, it was fun for a while but it can get out of hand and wrestlers can get seriously injured.

I dont want how it was in the old ECW and I'm confident we'll never get that again...that was garbage wrestling. I think there's a way to encorporate this championship back in the fray and protect the superstars as well.

You are exactly right about the cruiserweight belt...just not enough guys who qualify anymore. It was awesome on WCW...terrible in WWE.


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I like Cruiserweight more but in this case they could use the Hardcore more. There is no CW wrestlers in the Organization, it will be of no use.
Hardcore. While Teddy is getting new wrestlers in ECW, not all of them are going to be great cruiserweight wrestlers. They'll have different weight classes, and there won't be enough competition.

Besides, the Hardcore title was much more entertaining.