Which team has made the best deals this summer so far?



Which team has made the best deal(s) this summer so far?

Pick a team who you think has made the best moves this summer.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I believe that the Trail Blazers have made the best moves, they got rid of Randolph, and they got a franchise player in Greg Oden, and they re-signed Outlaw who has a chance to become a great player, and they also got McRoberts in the draft, who has been criticize but I believe he can be a good role player coming off the bench. Also when they traded Randolph they got Francis in the deal but they bought him out, so they won't have a point guard controversy.

The Celtics also had a good offseason they picked up an all star in Ray Allen, which he will make that team a lot better, him and Pierce playing together is going to be scary, especially if they share the ball.

The Raptors also made good moves, they got Maceo Baston, Jason Kapono and Carlos Delfino three good players that will help the franchise in a lot of different ways. So I believe these three teams made great moves this offseason.