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Which sports has the best athletes


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SI did this quite a few years ago, back in the 70's. Boxers followed by basketball players. In last years 50 fittest issue Lebron topped the list, which was more reflective of a variety of sports compared to the 70's list. Soccer and basketball players at the top, Dez Bryant was number 5. Hockey barely represented and in the bottom half of the list.


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Hold it. The question was misspoken. The OQ is salary and adulation driven. The question should be "What sport will make you the best athlete you can be?"


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Ultimate Fighters. Simply because using their whole body in every way they could think of to win a fight against anything else a person could use their full body against them with IS the sport itself, so they have to be prepared for everything. It's hard to be truly complete in everything. You could know one type of martial art and have a body designed for it, but be weak in a completely different one and have to have all of those skills and muscles too. So given everything being even then, the same applied to any other sport would have an advantage. It's simply the best because it's a requirement to be good at everything.