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Which sport translates from college to pros better?


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I was wondering what everyone's opinions were on the translation between college sports and pro sports.

It seems to me that NBA skills transfer a lot easier between college and the pros.

Baseball has a huge time layoff between college and pros that can last more than a few years in the minors.

Football is a little better than baseball but it can still take 3-4 years for skill players to really develop into star players.


I'd say basketball is by far the best transition. You are far more likely to see a rookie in the NBA holding his own than in the NFL. The NFL is a drastic change since, in most cases, it's a huge increase in total speed and strength from college.


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I'm sure most people are going to agree about basketball from college to professional seems like the best transition. The easiest way to put basketball on top... a few top players have came right from high school to the pro level and are playing hall-of-fame careers.


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Basketball. Players can go right from high school to the NBA (before the 1 year rule) and be productive as rookies. The NBA is mostly about athleticism. There's not really huge playbooks to learn and offenses/defenses to read like there is in football.


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Definitely basketball and it's not close, I'd say Baseball is probably the hardest it's not often you'll see a College player getting drafted and going straight to the Majors. You'll see them playing a few years in the Minor Leagues before.

Unless your really talented or a team needs all the help they can get, players will be entering the league at 24/25.


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Yeah, I'm a baseball fan and only casually pay attention to other sports, so it always seems weird to me when I hear about a basketball/football player who gets drafted, and people already know that he's going to be the team's new starting player at that position.


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It's definetly basketball for the best transfer. But what is second best?

I think a drafted player in the NFL is a crap shoot. Draft a quarterback fourth overall and he might never see your roster to start a season.

Baseball is a bit better for consistently turning out players but there is still a long time between college and pro's.

Hockey is quite consistent when it comes to NCAA players having success in the NHL, but the NCAA season (18 games I think?) versus the NHL's 82 means they often need a good AHL season to get conditioned for the NHL.

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