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SEGA Which Sonic Sidekick was better Tails or Knuckles?


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Tails was the man. He got me through some rough times as a child. ;)
I remember I got stuck at one point in Sonic 3, so my friend picked up controller 2 and took over as Tails, then carried me past the point I was stuck at. Sweetness.


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Tails! Was it Sonic 2 that had the running bonus levels where you were on some kind of halfpipe?
Yeah, that was Sonic 2. The first Sonic had the weird rotating levels, and Sonic 3 had the awesome 3D blue sphere levels.


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Tails is definitely the better sidekick, plus he came into the series earlier than knuckles, although the newer sonic games make tails a technology freak he was definitely better back when he was first created as the guy that followed sonic everywhere. But I like Knuckles too.


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Knuckles is awesome, but tails is the better sidekick


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I like Knuckles a lot more. I will admit Tails is the better sidekick though. I always found Tails really REALLY annoying but that's just me.


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Gotta go with Tails, besides him being cute and adorable, he's just awesome all around. Plus he's the original along with Sonic and Knuckles, not a cheap knock off like Shadow, Amy, Silver or those other losers.