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SEGA Which Sonic Sidekick was better Tails or Knuckles?


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In my opinion Tails was that better sidekick although he was awfully dimwitted.


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My favorite by far was Tails. I used him all the time in Sonic 2. :) I just wish there was a way to play as Tails with Sonic following, but I guess that's why he's called a sidekick. :)


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Tails most definately. He's the classic sidekick type, plus he can fly. Though, Knuckles could grab onto walls after he flew.


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Tails, I guess. I don't think I ever played any of the games with Knuckles in it.


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I always liked tails cause he could fly also.. He looked funny when he flew..
Knuckles is cool, but Tails is just more fun to play as. It's especially funny to try and make him fly underwater. My, oh my, he looks funny. Go do it.


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Tails was the better sidekick.. but I liked nuckles.. something about big hands.
It was really cool finding alternate paths as Knuckles by climbing around. It detracted from the speedy gameplay though.


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It's going to be Tails every time, considering that Knuckles was never once Sonic's sidekick.

Oh, and Tails can Fly. Knuckles can climb. Which is better overall?