Which series would you like to see continued?

Discussion in 'Anime' started by Vegito728, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Vegito728

    Vegito728 Registered Member

    What anime series would you like to see another season of or maybe a spin-off of? I will post my thoughts later in the thread.

  2. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member


    School Rumble Third semester.

    More Full Metal Panic (the third raid)

    I wouldnt mind seeing another gundam centered around the Seed series. However I think it would have to be a spinoff or something.

    InuYasha just to see the conclusion...

    Ask me this question a year ago I would have had a list of about ten but now well its a bit shorter.
  3. Malificus

    Malificus Likes snow

    Real Bout High School

    neds to be redone Hellsing style
  4. Henskie

    Henskie The Super Pimp of GF

    Inuyasha needs to have an end
    FMA would be cool to continue but it would need to be done right
    I would like Black cat to be continued or remade so it can be longer and not so rushed at the end because I felt the plots became rushed and jumbled at the end.
  5. Vegito728

    Vegito728 Registered Member

    I agree Inuyasha definitely needs to be continued. I think Eureka Seven needs to be continued the ending just didn’t satisfy me. I know there's more my brain just isn't working lol.
  6. Fresh

    Fresh Aw, Here It Goes!

    Hunter X Hunter and Black Lagoon, I would flip if any of the Animes continued I enjoyed watching an the loved the story its just said they had to end. HxH kind of had a cliffhanger ending which I would like to see finished and Black Lagoon was just amazing and I want to see a third barrage.
  7. Envy

    Envy Band Nerd ♫

    Ouran High School Host Club, Trigun, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

    None of it's going to happen, though. I'm sad.:no:

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