Which series would you like to see continued?


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What anime series would you like to see another season of or maybe a spin-off of? I will post my thoughts later in the thread.


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School Rumble Third semester.

More Full Metal Panic (the third raid)

I wouldnt mind seeing another gundam centered around the Seed series. However I think it would have to be a spinoff or something.

InuYasha just to see the conclusion...

Ask me this question a year ago I would have had a list of about ten but now well its a bit shorter.


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Inuyasha needs to have an end
FMA would be cool to continue but it would need to be done right
I would like Black cat to be continued or remade so it can be longer and not so rushed at the end because I felt the plots became rushed and jumbled at the end.


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I agree Inuyasha definitely needs to be continued. I think Eureka Seven needs to be continued the ending just didn’t satisfy me. I know there's more my brain just isn't working lol.


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Hunter X Hunter and Black Lagoon, I would flip if any of the Animes continued I enjoyed watching an the loved the story its just said they had to end. HxH kind of had a cliffhanger ending which I would like to see finished and Black Lagoon was just amazing and I want to see a third barrage.


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Ouran High School Host Club, Trigun, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

None of it's going to happen, though. I'm sad.:no: