Which RSS reader do you use?


I would like to ask if anybody here uses a RSS reader to keep updated on their news and feeds?

I am asking that because I do some research on this topic for my university report and I would need to know which RSS readers are the most common among users and if you prefer online or offline/desktop RSS readers?

Basically, a RSS reader is kind of an aggregator that accumulates feeds from various websites. Websites that the user pre-defines and regards as interesting to keep updated frequently. If you have a large amount of websites that you screen regularly for updates and news, a RSS reader is a powerful tool to find the news from all sites in one tool

Example for an online reader would be google reader or firefox plugin, a desktop/offline Rss reader would be Feeddemon, RSS Bandit or Esobi.

Looking forward to your input!:nod:


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I don't use any RSS readers. I prefer to actually check the different sites I like instead of just getting headlines. I never really understood the benefit of RSS to be honest. Just seemed like a waste of time to me.


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Yeah not to rain on your parade Justine, but I don't see the use of RSS either. I like surfing the sites and finding the news as well. I have a set of bookmarks I check each day.

My instinct tells me you're one of those one-post users too but hopefully I'm wrong.


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I use Google Reader. I've found I like it better than checking the individual sites of the blogs, webcomics, magazines, etc; that I follow.


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A friend of mine used to use rss readers instead of logging in to his several accounts or checking several websites. Lately though, he just uses Twitter. :hah: He says almost everything "new" is "tweeted" now.


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I downloaded an add on for firefox where you can have rss feeds scroll across in a bar. I just added a couple news sites, and if I see a headline I like I can click on it and view the page. But I only use it for a couple news sites, otherwise, I just go check the site itself. I'm not that lazy =P