Which Quarter Were You In High School?

Which Quarter Were You?

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So just yesterday I got the news that I'm in the first quarter at my school, we're all receiving reports on this because we're taking the ACT soon and it's required information. Apparently I've been in the first quarter ever since the beginning of High School. The First Quarter means that I am in the top 1/4 of students at my school gradewise.

It got me wondering what quarters everyone here might have been in.

First Quarter (Excellent)
Second Quarter (Good)
Third Quarter (Fair)
Fourth Quarter (Poor)

That's usually how the system looks.

What quarter were you in? Did you care about high school or did you just go with the motions and get through it?

My GPA has gone up since my 3.5 Freshman year to the 4.0 that I have now.


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I was in the third quarter of my class, which had over 500 students. Saying I didn't care about school is somewhat of an understatement. I didn't try at all, and my grades sometimes reflected that. I usually got either really good grades or really bad grades depending on how much I liked my classes.

My high school is one of the top public schools in the country and is extremely competitive. The top quarter is mostly kids who get straight A's in honors and AP classes and end up going to Ivy League caliber colleges and universities. If I had tried a little harder I probably would have fallen into the second quarter.


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I'd say the second quarter. I got decent grades without trying too hard. If I'd put more effort into actually finishing the assigned work, I suppose I could have been a first quarter student. I just slacked off in class and then did good on the exams to pass highschool.


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German schools are not very competetive, so there is no official quarter system here. From class 1 to 6, I was in elementary school. Then it's up to students' parents to choose one out of three branches of high school -- there is the highest called "Gymnasium", which is the only one leading to a qualification for college for the best third, then "Realschule" for the middle third and "Hauptschule" for the lowest third.

I was given a Gymnasium suggestion and then went to this highest branch of high school from class 7 to 12 out of 13. From class 7 to 10, I used to be among the top three students of my class of around 25 students. But then I didn't care anymore, had some health problems and generally lost interest ... my grades got worse and finally I left high school in class 12, without the college qualification supposed for class 13.

After doing the alternative service for draft and some jobbing, I went to an alternative private school for 1 year to finally make the college qualification. In the exam for this "Abitur" (German equivalent of the A-levels, college qualification), I managed to gain the honor of best student of the year (of around 80 students), which I'm rather proud of.

But considering my competitors were rather bad in general, because of most them had dropped out of common schools for various reasons (drug and behavioral problems, or general laziness) and around 50% of them failed, my score was not *that* good. On a normal school, I would hardly have gained the position of best student, I guess.

Still it was an A- in general, or rather a score of 1.6 on the German scale (there is a scale from 1 to 4 equivalent to American A to D, "1.0" being the best and everything worse than "4.0" is failed), and an additional bonus for my kind of school because the Abitur is allegedly harder than in public schools, allowed me to more or less chose at free will my major at college.


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First Quarter. I'm actually surprised by that. Even though I made straight A's all through school...so did a lot of people. My school was very competitive.


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I have never heard of this system before I would probably say I was in the 2nd quarter.

I was never a straight A student but I always got my share of A's and a ton of B's. I dont think I ever finished with a D or an F.


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I never heard of this system either, but just like Echoes I didn't care much for school at all. If I had a project to hand in on a specific date, I would do it all on that date, in the yellow bus on my way to school with a pencil. So yeah I didn't care much for it at all. All I wanted to get is a passing mark and that's what I got. My average was about 60%.

But with all that being said, I really regret being that way.
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I guess I was in the equivalent of the lowest quarter. I hated school and left at the age of 15. Back then, if you didn't qualify for a school of a higher level, you were dumped in schools where you didn't learn much and where no final exams were taken and no diplomas granted.

Later I got the feeling I'd missed out, registered with a very good correspondence college and gradually got sufficient qualifications (A-levels) to go to university. I graduated with the highest honours (cum laude).


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I was considered a "Good Student" though I knew, my parents knew, as well as my teachers knew that I could have been an excellent student BUT my social life was far more important therefore I didn't put forth the effort I should have done to reach my full potential. College / University was much, much different however. I buckled down and made that my first priority.


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I was without a doubt in the First Quarter. The lowest grade I ever got was a C and I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA. My family was very adamant about make sure we were very studious and working at the top of our educational abilities.

Now dont get me wrong, I didnt take precalculus or anything... but the Classes I did take I excelled in. The only Advanced Placement courses I was enrolled in were English Based. Everything else was the same that all the other applicable students were offered.