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Politics Which presidential candidate mirrors your opinions the most?


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I side with Greens on environmental issues, Democrats on social issues, Republicans on domestic policy and a little of everyone on foreign policy.

Uh, instead of the president, can I vote on which Congress members get put on which subcommittees?


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I'm not American but I took the quiz anyway. I've not heard of some of the candidates but it seems my stance on issues is similar to the Green Party (I'd never have thought of that), Libertarian and democrat parties.

By order of % (from highest):

jill stein/kent mesplay - foreign policy, domestic policy, healthcare, environment and science

gary johnson - foreign policy, domestic policy, immigration and science

ron paul - foreign policy, domestic policy, social issues

obama - foreign policy, healthcare and science


Free Spirit
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I took the quiz and from the highest percentage to lowest here is how I rated.

Jill Stein on issues of Foreign Policy, Social, Healthcare, Science, and the Environment. 85%

Ron Paul on issues of Domestic policy, Foreign Policy, the Economy, and Immigration. 85%

Jimmy McMillan on issues of Domestic policy, the Economy, Immigration, Healthcare, and Social. 79%

Barack Obama on issues of Foreign Policy, Social, Healthcare, and Science. 70%

Mitt Romney on issues of Domestic policy and Immigration. 59%

This is what they said about me.

You are an independent. You are socially Liberal but fiscally Conservative. Despite your strong Libertarian stances, you may tend to disagree with the party on social, immigration, and healthcare issues.
Wish I could vote for Ron Paul.


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That's pretty good. I wonder if its a secret Libertarian Party website. lol.

Gary Johnson---94%
Ron Paul--------91%
Mitt Romney----75%
Jimmy McMillian-63% (I love that guy!)
Barack Obama--3%

I guess if I really side with Romney 75% of the time, that's good enough. Especially compared to the 3% for Obama.


I am the woolrus
This is a very well made quiz! My results are:

1. Jill Stein - 84% (Foreign Policy, Domestic policy, Science, Healthcare, Social, and Immigration.)
2. Barack Obama - 81% (Foreign Policy, Domestic policy, Science, Healthcare, Social, and Immigration.)
3. Kent Mesplay - 81% (Foreign Policy, Domestic policy, the Economy, Healthcare, Science, and Immigration.)
4. Gary Johnson - 74% (Domestic policy and Science.)
5. Ron Paul - 71% (Foreign Policy and Domestic policy.)
6. Fred Karger - 64% (Science and Immigration.)
7. Jimmy McMillan - 44% (Science and Immigration.)
8. Mitt Romney - 11% (I do not side with Mitt Romney on any major issues.)

I find it absolutely hilarious that i agree with crazy ass Jimmy "The rent is too DAMN high" McMillan 400% more than i agree with Mitt Romney!

I've heard Jill Stein speak before and while she's not the most charismatic politician in the world, i definitely like the way she thinks. I'm generally not completely on par with the green party when it comes to environmental issues, what many people associate the green party with, but they were very low on the sliders in terms of importance.

I think Obama's rating is a bit inaccurate though. It said we had "similar answers" on a number of foreign policy issues where we didn't at all! Considering they were marked most important on the sliders for me, i'd mark him down a good few %. It would probably drop him down below Mesplay, Johnson and Paul.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Here are my results:

Barack Obama: 87%
Jill Stein: 76%
Ken Mesplay: 71%
Ron Paul: 61%
Mitt Romney: 24%

Not really surprise with the results to be honest.


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Here's how mine played out:

Obama - 76%
Stein - 74%
Mesplay - 73%
Johnson - 71%
Paul - 66%
McMillan - 59%
Karger - 59%
Romney - 44%
Pretty close all-around. 32% from top to bottom. It would've probably been closer than that but I did the "Create your own"-thing for two of them so that kind of threw it off.

I believe one of my biggest concerns that I put was that I do not agree with "Affirmative Action" and that there needs to be a law against favoring a race.
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