Which one of you jokers has got me into serious trouble?


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One of you from chigago, has got me into seious trouble. When all said and done you no im a drunken fool and what i say should and i thought was always taken in jest? If not u shud hav consulted me when i was sober to get details as to my outlandish and stupid rantings. Now i have a possibility of being charged for a threat to kill coz you fom chigago saw fit to call the police. Im a joker and always will be, i say wot i say wen drunk as im the biggest idiot i know and proably all you know. Why do wot you hav done as it has got me in a whole heap of trouble. Wont hold it against you, all i say is you should have consulted me first and i would have resolved the situation.


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Apparently so.......Now im in big trouble!!
When will al of you learn that i talk crap most of the time, Not to say when im sober i can add fruitful convosation? Why do the thing you have done is beyond me, now i am in a whole heap of trouble lol!!!
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Wow must have been one helluva threat, that when the Chicago police got a call that went like this....

"Hello Chicago Police, whats your emergency"
"Help someone on the internets says their going to kill me"
"The internets? Why thats serious business we'll get right on it."

You say Westy lives in the UK? So then Chicago gets in touch with the UK police then the conversation goes like this....

"Hello UK Police"
"This is the Chicago police, one of your resisdents is making threats on the internets under the named westy"
"Jesus Christ...... damn we'll get right on it"

Then the cops kick down westy's door.

I'm gonna throw it out there, I don't believe any of this. Even if someone made the attempt I don't think anyone takes complaints against the internet serious.

So I'm calling bullshit.


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When someone PM's me threatening to commit suicide, and then a couple days later tells me over MSN that he's going to kill his girlfriend and baby daughter before killing himself, I'm going to take it seriously every time. Even if the odds were low that you were being serious I'm not going to take the risk. Whether you were joking or not I did you and your family a favor and hopefully you learn a lesson from it.


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Echoes it was drunken bravado...... You should know me by now and know im a drunken fool? You av got me in a lot of trouble big style, i spent 23 hrs in a police cell coz of u? It was drunken crap and know it....like all on this site they know i talk drunken crap!! I thought you was my mate but obviously not?
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