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which one do you like? cats or dogs


Registered Member
I like cats very much, dogs lokk like very stupid, while cats looks very cute


Lion Rampant
Welcome, lonelylord! I hope you'll post a thread in the Introductions section here.

I like both cats and dogs. Sometimes I want stink and drool and mucus all over my hands and sometimes I want an animal to just sit there uselessly and drop hairs on my furniture.


Registered Member
Cats, they're cute and independant little animals and can survive a day or two without your full attention.

Dogs however, require more time than I could ever give them in the world. Plus, I'm afraid of dogs for some unknown reason...


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I like to have them both around. Both animals are fun to play with. You get independence and slightly higher maintenance with cats while dogs are low maintenance and very, very loyal animals. The fun part about dogs is the training.

I've always liked to have two dogs and a cat around the house but no more than two of each.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I much prefer dogs. They are a lot more social than cats, therefore making better friends. Yes, they are more work, but that's just part of the bonding process. Plus you can do a lot more with them. Take them to the beach or park, take them swimming or hiking. They love to be active. It's a shame that a lot of dog owners never give their dogs exercise. They just let them out into the yard to go to the bathroom.


Living on the 0th floor
I am definitely a bigger fan of dogs. I like the very loyal nature of them. I also like them because they want to spend all of their time with you; the love they give is just amazing to me. I also like an animal that I can rough around with and not hurt them. My dogs are my world, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am okay on cats. They aren't quite as attention seeking as I like my animals to be. They are also a bit too moody for me. I would definitely own a cat, but if it came down to having either a dog or a cat, I would pick a dog.


I'm serious
I'm definitely a dog person. I've never been to fond of cats for some reason. Dogs are truly mans best friend. My dog is like my child. My baby really. We do everything together. He goes with me when I go on holiday, he goes with me to friends houses, etc. If I could take him to the pub I would. :lol:

I doubt I would ever get a pet cat. But I will always have a dog or two!


Registered Member
I'm definitely a dog person. Not to say that I don't like cats, I'm just not sure what to do around them. I'm so used to having medium sized dogs that are heavy, active animals that cats just seem so...delicate to me.
Plus, as Alisa said, they're too moody. I can't be bothered with the "play with me...oooh, no come get me" type of game they tend to like to play.

Dogs are more active, more protective, more fun. I feel safe when I'm home alone, my dog is always right by my side.


"Expect the unexpected"
I like both really........but, I prefer dogs!
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