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Which mode of transport...

Which mode of transport do you use the most?

  • Bicycle

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  • Motorbike

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  • Train

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  • Tram

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  • Other (please specify)

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Sally Twit
do you use the most?

Car, Bus, Bicycle, Motorbike, Train, Tram, Horse and Cart? Maybe something else. Maybe you usually walk most places.

I can't drive so I get the bus to work, or sometimes a friend will give me a lift. I always use the bus to go in to town and when I visit people. I don't own a bike but I definitely want to get one.


I walk most places. Walking is my favourite means of transport. I do travel in a car a bit too.


Lion Rampant
My car is grounded until I pay some traffic fines dating back to the period when I had no money coming in. Now that I've made the last car payment, funds to clean up that red tape should become available. Meanwhile, I've been pretty much alternating between the footmobile and the bus.


yellow 4!
With university and town both 5/10 minutes away on foot, I walk pretty much everywhere.

Exceptions are when I'll get a bus if I'm visiting a friend who doesn't live so close or whatever, or a taxi on a night out, or a train to go home on holidays. And at home, I drive quite a lot.

Otherwise, walking.


Haters gonna hate.
At college I walk EVERYWHERE. Everything is within 10 minutes for me. When I am home however, I drive all over since I can't walk anywhere without looking like a hitchhiker or some poor kid without a car.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I drive 95% of the time. The only time I'll use the bus is when I go out and I'm drinking. Other then that, I'm not that big of a fan when it comes taking the city bus. It's to crowded, people smell like shit and it takes longer then a car(most of the time).


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Well my work is a 15 minute drive so that's what use every single day. So it's a car almost every single time. If it's not a car I'll walk. While in college I walked everywhere since everything was so close by.


Babeasaurus Sex
I walk everywhere! I love walking. I used to get the bus a lot but not so much anymore. Especially now the weathers good! I get the train occassionally too.


I love walking and I should walk. I hardly ever use the car or any bus. I can walk through all my city and never get tired.
It's the best exercise and it's better done alone, so I can walk faster.