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Which method do you use to posts?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Which method do you use to posts on the forums?

For me, it’s mostly on a desktop or my chromebook. Not a huge fan of posting on my phone, I try to avoid it if I can. Much more enjoyable to do it the other two ways I mentioned.


Registered Member
I occasionally post on my tablet or phone but given the choice I would use my laptop or desktop computer any time. I find that writing on my tablet is just an annoying experiance. Even typing something on Word or an email on my tablet can be a chore.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I use my desktop especially since its my only choice.lol Even if I had a tablet I don't think I would use it which is why I never bothered getting one.


Registered Member
Using my desktop. Writing anything with a tablet is the most frustrating thing ever. I only use my tablet for games & stuff. Nothing that implies writing.


Registered Member
Desktop or tablet. Never with my phone and my 3DS is only for online games. But its almost as easy to post on my tablet and that can be almost anywhere. Im not always on my PC when I post.


Registered Member
Now that you've mentioned using my phone and I see how the site is mobile friendly I might be using it a bit more. The majority of my posts will be on my laptop though, my thumbs don't agree with the iPhone sometimes.


I ♥ Haters
If I'm too lazy to reach for my laptop or tablet, I'll just use my phone. I generally try to stick with my laptop, though. Touch screen typing can be kind of a bitch.


I use only my laptop computer but I just bought a Kindle Fire 5th Generation and I am experimenting with that.


Creeping On You
I generally only use my computer. Its annoying as all hell trying to type out posts on with large fingers on a phone keyboard touchscreen lol. I spend more time pressing backspace than actually typing a message.


Registered Member
I always post comments to forums on my home computer.

I used to sometimes use my laptop to comment. But it no longer works well, as it's old. I never use it for anything anymore.