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Which market has the best return?


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Does anybody here have any money in a mutual fund? I have been looking into some lately. Either an S&P 500, or perhaps something in the Dow Jones Industrial, since that seems to have been doing well lately.

I am open to suggestions.

Thanks. :)


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I am partial to the M100 on marketocracy.com. Of course, I am in a sense, paid to say that. lol.
But, it has beat the pants off the S&P and in the mutual fund world, that is a very difficult thing to do. Look on their homepage and you will see their return vs the S&P.


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I would not go with the Dow. Right now we are seeing what technical traders call a double top. Economic stability in the US isn't really at its finest either. I would suggest the forex markets. Whether you manage your own money and buy signals or hire someone to manage your funds you will outpace the overall market and gains of 40% a year are not rare.


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Is the ForEx someplace someone with only a relatively small amount of money to invest can get into or is it only for those who are looking to try to make some money off changing foreign currencies who have a lot of money to participate. In other words, can small players act effectively in the ForEx? It's a market that looks intriguing but since I don't have millions to invest (far from it at this point), can minor players do well there?