Which Language Do You Think In?


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If you only speak one language, you'd be an idiot to even bother replying with a direct answer to this question. Feel free to comment on it though. :lol:

So, to those here who speak multiple languages fluently, which language do you think in? Do you switch off or stick with your first language?

Is it weird switching your thought language?

Anything else interesting to add?


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I've often said something like, I dream in French with English subtitles.

I honestly don't know in which language I'm thinking. It's probably because in our mind, it's not really words we need but images and we understand them without having to speak or name them.

But say I'm already in a process of conversing with someone or I'm reading a text (like this thread), whichever language I'm using to read and talk at that moment is the same I use in my mind when I'm trying to formulate my thoughts and what to say.


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depends on who I'm having an inner dialogue with :lol:

I guess it varies between dutch, my local dialect (Limburgian) and english. :urp:


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I switch on and off. When I am around my relatives or family and I need to tell them something, I think in chinese before I say it to them.


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I definitely think in English, it's the only language I know well enough to do anything with really.

I have a friend from Japan, his first language is Japanese so he thinks in Japanese and sometimes he'll accidentally break it out and the teacher has to ask him to stop and try again. :lol: But we all love him.


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Most of the time, I think in German, which is my native language. But I'm so used to English that I don't have to translate from German to English in my mind before writing or speaking English, so I guess I think in English then.

That's different when I speak French. Since I am not very used to it, I often find myself searching for translations in my mind.


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I think and dream in both Dutch and English.
I'm so used to talking and writing in both that language doesn't make a difference to me anymore.


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When I'm hanging with the homies I sometimes catch myself thinking in Spanglish. Somebody will do something dumb and I'll say to myself, "Ay, que puto."