Which is the best payment processor?


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Well I like two payment processor one is PayPal and other is Xoom. All my online transaction made from PayPal and when I need those monies in Banks than I prefer Xoom. But most of time I requested checks from PayPal and I got all my money regularly.

Also PayPal has a secure system and we can trust on them. Their fee is lower than others.


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I've not heard of Xoom before. Is it a new processor? Or have they been around for a while?

I like PayPal because I can transfer the money directly from my account to my bank. It may take a few days, but it gets there and no fees are taken out for the transfer.
PayChex.com is an excellent Paymet Processor. Subee. Bird Inc Blimpies uses it and it works really well, I belive its automated, all you do is submit the hours to them, and they calcualte the rest.