Which is tackier..

Which makes someone seem more desperate?

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Phone sex or sharing half naked pics of yourself?

To me, they both show a certain level of...desperation, but I think anyone who feels the need to share provocative pictures of themselves is just begging for attention.

I'm not talking about doing either with someone you're deeply committed to, rather a casual relationship that you'd like to go farther.


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I don't know, it's real close, but I'm thinking sharing pics, cause phone sex still has a definite anonymity to it, it's just words, pictures on the other hand, are a little harder to hide behind (I hope that makes sense).


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Naked pictures, because it seems there are more people who have naked pictures of themselves than pictures of their kids or families. I would rather go through and entire album of hot rod pictures than a hundred albums of naked woman.


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Phone sex...just because it takes more effort to do it and willingness to go through it should really be long enough (from foreplay to climax) for it to really happen. If you can last through that.... :lol:

I'm surprised you didn't include actual sex on your list.


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I'm gonna say phone sex because you physically have to talk to these people on the phone and pictures, well are just pictures. People lie, so why not give fake pictures too?

I can guarantee that there will be no nekkid pictures of me. Hell, there are hardly any normal pictures of me around because I can't stand being photographed.


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It's hard to just pic one because both of them are uncanny in desperation. If I had to go with a more obvious one however I would have to say Pics of the person, just because it's making a blatant statement that you want to get with somebody.
I'd say nuddy pics. I estimate only 1 in 15 girls ever contact me again. Phone sex, at least, has some imagination to it. Pics are just: here I am, come and get it boys!!


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It depends on the situation. I've done both, but with someone I plan on marrying... My cousin however does both, needing to get attention and approval. They're each worse in their own way. Phone sex you can lie and fake what you would do because you need the other persons approval. Pictures you're posing for someone, needing to make yourself appear sexy.