Which is better at burning calories/fats?


[during 1 hour]
1 - Working with muscles or doing cardio exercises?
2- When working with muscles, is it better to do less exercises with heavier weights or more exercises with lighter weights?
[because for the moment it's impossible to do more exercises with heavier weights until the body gets used to them]
3- When working with muscles, is it the same if I do a set of 30 repetitions at the same time without interruption or it's better to do 15 repetitions, take a break and go one with the next 15 reps?


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u shouldn't do as much as 15 rep's if u are wanting to build more muscle. U are gonna want to be in the area of 5 to max 10 rep's and doing it in 3 series. reason for this is u need to push your muscle hard to get more.. the lower weight u use and more rep u will start to get "thin" muscle that works longer. But also overall better looking muscle(if u got some before). unless we are talking abouth situps/normal pushups.

if u gain muscle u burn more fat overall at any time. doing cardio burns fat when u do it..

It all depends on if u wanna get stronger or last longer.. haha. the heavier and fewer rep's(due to it beeing heavy) the stronger u will get. so start off with like 7 reps with whatever u do.


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doing fewer repetitions with heavier weights will give you bigger muscles. doing more repetitions with lighter weights will give you sleek muscles. the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be so you will burn more fat.