Which is a better decision making method?

I think that depends on the type of decision you're having to make.
Yeah, just depends. I think if the decision is solely based around you and your life goals then you should follow your heart (ugh, corny). If it involves other people then you should try to look at the situation objectively and make a rational decision with your head. Obviously there will be lots of exceptions to that.


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Yeah, as has already been said. It depends really.

If it's to do with your own life and emotions/relationships you should go for what your heart is telling you to do, but you should also use your head, because it might go wrong.

But other things should be considered without emotions being involved, for example what is best for a group or when the consiquences of something are bad.

Generally though, I would personally pick making decisions with your head over your heart.


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I would agree that it depends on the situation. But i would say that using your head results in the correct decision the majority of the time. Like for me, i would probably think about what i would do with my heart, and then with my head, and if theyre different then look at possible outcomes and pros and cons and such...im pretty sure i couldnt help but use my head, even if it is to verify my hearts desire.


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When I make a decision I usually use my head, since I like to think about it before I make that decision. But when it comes to a relationship I usually use my heart before my head, but sometimes I use both.


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I think decisions are better made with your head. Even though as people have said, decisions concerning relationships should be made with your heart, I think to some extent they should also be made using the head, or they have a good chance of failure.


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A mix of both? I'm trying to think of most of my important decisions and it's mostly a mix of the two. For decisions that are not that important, I probably just use the heart. On the other hand, wouldn't the decision to decide using the heart somehow involves the head? :lol: